Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Hello my lovely followers !

Im SO majorly sorry I haven't updated this in forever, uni has been actually killing me with a lot of work and I've just been so busy.

But in all the hecticness I've rediscovered my love for a long-lost brand haha. AVON ! I was flicking through the book and realised my nails were in a sorry state! They used to be long but they were so chipped and brittle I filed them down to start again. I decided to buy Avon's Strong Results nail treatment/polish thing, £6 GBP I think?

Anyway the deal is you've to use it 1-2 times daily for a week. So far I've been using it more, just because when I get something new, I use it to death haha and actually my nails have not only got a lot stronger and less ridged, BUT they've grown so much in just a week!

It smells a bit funny and I'm not over enthusiastic about the brush either - but this is a fantastic, and cheap, addition to anyone's make up kit.

Let me know what you think loves!


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