Wednesday, 24 February 2010

recent life saving product!

Hello guys!

Ugh, lately it's been so so busy; uni stuff, parties + nights out, cheerleading and tons more... so I hate to admit I've not been looking my best :( With all the mayhem I've been finding it hard to squeeze in time in the morning to give my hair a good wash so I've been jumping in and out the shower in the mornings (using my Soap and Glory shower cap of course ;) ) and just having to dash out with slightly limp hair.

So! I decided to rake about in my "hair" drawer and found my life saver - Batiste Dry Shampoo! Believe me, I've tried literally tons of dry shampoos and none of them compare to this bad boy. Last year when I went to T in the Park (Scotland's biggest music festival, and imo one of the best in Britain - for those of you outside the UK) I brought two dry shampoo's for camping - Batiste, and one by Lee Stafford.

I LOVE Lee Stafford products, especially when I had blonde hair - but I have to confess the dry shampoo was totally useless! And expensive for what it was. Batiste is super cheap, smells AMAAAAAAAZING whatever one you use (tropical, original or blush) and highly effective. If you have darker hair, it IS slightly harder to get rid of the white powder, but its not a major hassle - if you have BLONDE hair, which I did at T in the Park, I noticed it was HIGHLY effective at disguising dark roots as well. All in all, a brilliant, cost effective product!




  1. Great review, I found that the disguising my dark roots really does work too!

    If all else fails, and you happen to run out of Batiste at an important moment, I found that using a tiny bit of normal talc powder works just as good on roots. That's what the white powder stuff is in Batiste :) x

  2. I use this one too! Its a life saver isn't it and it smells lovely xoxo

  3. Ooooh, I would love to try this!! Great for days when I'm in a rush. Great blog btw.

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