Monday, 22 February 2010

argh! my EYELASHES :(

Hello followers!

The most horrifying thing happened to me the other day! One of the things I always get complemented on is the length of my eyelashes, and people often ask if they're fake! WELL I was looking about in my drawers and I found a pair of eyelash curlers, that I hadn't used in absolute ages and I couldnt remember why...

SO before I left - for a DATE - I decided to curl my eyelashes. When I finished, I remembered exactly WHY I hadn't used them!! They SNAPPED off the ends of my corner eyelashes. I tried so hard not to cry. It looks so obvious as well and they're like little stumps! Now I've been slathering on vaseline to try and condition them, and tempt them into growing back, because I know they will - it's happened before - it'll just take a while :( until then followers... I am sad :(

Has this happened to anyone else? Or is it just me?!


exhibit A!!

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  1. ohhh no!! Throw it out, so it never happens again, and don't worry they will be back in like 2 weeks tops! But I'm sure its not noticeable in person, believe me not a lot of people look at each other's eyelashes