Wednesday, 27 January 2010

hmm change of opinion?...

Hey dolls!

I'm starting to recover now -I'm absolutely convinced I had swine flu LOL. My doctor says different but what do they know eh ;)

ANYHOO when I first saw adverts in July '09 I think it was, for L'oreal True Match Roll On foundation I was totally intrigued! It looked so weird! SO on my lunch break I practically ran to Boots to get it. When I got there I was disappointed to only see like 4 shades? :( I'm terribly pale and all the shades seemed dark so I chose the closest match - Rose Vanilla.

I was so excited about it but when I tried it, it was a horrible orange cakey mess! So it got demoted to the back of my giant make up drawer lol.

However, recently I've been trying to wean myself off MAC Studio Fix Fluid (see review of Revlon ColorStay below) so I randomly decided to give it another go. This time I sort of applied more pressure to the roller and I was really surprised. Although it has a bit of "cakiness" and I wouldnt say it was a "day time" foundation, I was really glad I re-tried it. I wore it on a night out and it lasted the whole night without budging and the colour, when I had some light fake tan on was a near enough exact match!

SO guys, tell me what you think? Did you ever try something cos it looked weird and interesting, or changed your opinion of a product? LET ME KNOW! When i'm recovering I like reading other peoples' stories... it feeds my nosiness :D


Friday, 15 January 2010

Revlon ColorStay - my view!

I know, I know...everyone's done their own litle review of this and its a bit "late" to be bringing it up seeing as everyone knows all about it haha but I personally, haven't bothered to try it until now. The reason for this is I couldn't believe there could be a foundation that could match MAC Studio Fix Fluid which is the foundation I'm loyal to lol. However, unfortunately my MAC SFF is running low - and instead of just buying it again, I decided to try out the Revlon one.

The first thing I noticed was it was almost an exact "dupe" haha as in even the bottle was similar to MAC's. On opening it up it didn't smell like paint which was a bonus, because that's the only thing I HATE about SFF. When I first put it on - I was very impressed. Unlike MAC it wasn't very thick, and gave good coverage but I still looked dewy which I liked. Straight away I was excited about this foundation.

Unfortunately when I tried it again the next day, I noticed it kind of "sat" on my skin, looked a bit greasy and a bit "cakey"... I was so disappointed. After 10 minutes it still felt wet and looked orange. I immediately put on my MAC Studio Fix Powder to kind of mattify it and it took away the orange tinge and shine.

I've used it for the past couple of days and I will say it DOES have staying power, and doesn't wear off quickly. I would love this foundation if it dried a bit more on the skin. Using a powder on top kind of sorts this so its not THAT big a deal, but definately something that I have no problem with when using MAC.

On the whole, I think its a very good dupe, and A+ for effort! I don't personally think it's as good as MAC, but for people who break out using MAC it's a good alternative. I'll use the Revlon one until it runs out, but I'll be replacing it with MAC, and to be honest - I feel a bit I cheated on MAC or something hahahaha.

God. You know you have MAC issues when using other brands makes you feel guilty!

Hopefully I'll recover!



anyone have any advice!?

Hello lovelies!

Is it just me, or does anyone else experience this? After I either wax or pluck in between my eyebrows (YES! not very nice but my eyes are rather close together so I get the dreaded monobrow hahaha!) I get kind of, dry and irritated skin. Sometimes I actually break out too and its getting to be a pain...

Obviously refraining from hair removal is out of the question haha but all the spot reducing, skin cleansing and moisturising products I have are GREAT on the rest of my face but this area is just always problematic. When I put foundation on it looks scaly and bumpy but just at that bit :(

anyone have any suggestions?



Wednesday, 13 January 2010

general life blog!

Hello loves!

Here's the dealio - my good friend Lisa who I met at uni has decided to make a cute little blog of her own, but just as a general life update kinda thing... like whats going on in her life, and the goal is to have a big group of people all sharing their ins and outs haha!

SO - she's just starting out and would mega appreciate it if you followed, and believe me, Lisa's life makes for interesting reading ;) haha

Lisa and I (yes! that IS pink hair, I had a moment of madness!)

thanks dolls!


tiny little rave...

Ah... I always think of things AFTER I've finished posting haha!

A few weeks ago I bought The Body Shop's Neroli Jasmin eau de toilette for I think about £8 and I had a look online and I think you can get it for about $17 in the US? I got it after my friend sprayed it and I thought it smelled sooooo good! So I popped down to my local Body Shop and now I'm hooked. My favourite perfume is CK Euphoria which I wear all the time but seeing as I use it so much I fancied a change and this was it, AND its just so cheap!

I lovelovelove it! And because it's so small it can fit in your bag no bother.

For that price and lovely smell, I urge everyone to go get some! (:


mini "drugstore" haul

Hey Guys!

Since I've been ill I've been unable to leave the house, I decided to order some stuff from, for those outside the UK, its probably the biggest and best known drugstore that sells from Maybelline and Rimmel to Benefit and Urban Decay. Anyhoo, I love it because its just soooo convienient.

I decided to wear them and show you what they're like on, except all the lipsticks, because I got 2 and a lipgloss, so for practicality I chose one! Since it was a "natural" eye palette I decided not to wear my usual amount of eyeliner so it's a bit "nude" for my normal look, but its for the purpose of showing the eyeshadows (: And PLEASE excuse the facial expressions, I'm still getting over being sick and I am on sooo many flu tablets I'm tired all the time haha! that is NOT how i normally look! thanks guys x

Altogether I bought:

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for normal/dry skin (heard it was a MAC Studio Fix dupe and I LOVE mac so I thought i'd try it out and maybe save cash in the future)

Maybelline EyeStudio Quad in Glamourous Browns (tried it for the photo and the shadows are so smooth and quite pigmented. love it!)

Barry M Lip Paint in 101 - Marshmellow (a Barry M Lip Paint... need I say more?!)

Barry M Kohl Pencil in Gold (didn't like it as much as I thought I would... its okay)

Barry M Limited Edition Lipgloss - no colour name or anything just LE1 (smells gorgeous and is so pretty and sparkly! such a winner!)

17 Blusher in Nude (was a bit muddy at first and needed a lot of blending but good colour in the end)

17 Solo Eyeshadow in Mardi Gras (which I buy ALL the time! amazing pigment and I love the colour)

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Dare to Bare (it wasn't as *nude* as I thought it would be, but I still like it)

And finally, although I didn't buy them at Boots, I bought them today as well:

Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower Gel (smells DIVINE!)

Body Shop Roseflower Radiance Stick 01 (a great highlighter with a pinky undertone and smells of roses. lush!)

As I mentioned above, a few products came that wasn't what I thought it would be, for example the 17 Lipstick, it was more red based and not very nude... and I hate to say I was disapointed with the colour and texture of the Barry M Kohl pencil... has anyone ever bought something online and it wasn't the colour/quality you thought it would be.

Let me know! It just feeds my nosiness ;)


Monday, 11 January 2010

mega review! : Soap and Glory Shower House Set

Hey lovlies!

Sorry for the slow posting. This was originally going to be a YouTube video because its quicker and its more fun I suppose! But unfortunately I'm still in bed ill so i managed to drag myself out of bed to take photos of the products and write this review so here goes (:

I don't know about you, but I'm a total Soap and Glory whore! haha! I LOVE the brand and with the exception of hair stuff, the products. Anyway I know some people love it and some people hate it but I'm a devout fan, and so for xmas my boyfriend got me the "Shower House" gift box. The vintage style packaging is just the cutest ever and one of the reasons I love it so much.

Firstly, the body brush that's in the set is so cute even if it was rubbish, i'd still use it! No just kidding lol! But anyway, its great for dry body brushing to get rid of dead cells and get the blood flowing and since i've started using it in the mornings, I've noticed my skin is much smoother and fake tan goes on great!

The second thing is the little shower cap! I can't say if it keeps your hair bone dry yet, as I haven't had a chance to use it yet but it actually reminds me of those 1950's syncronised swimmers? If you know what I mean? I love that style so I think it'll be a winner for me. If you've tried it let me know if it works well, because its kind of silky and not plastic? So I don't know how well it does in water?

Okay now the "tools" are out the way, I can start on the actual products. The first is the Clean On Me shower gel. Isn't the quirky name just great? Haha I'm easily amused. Anyway this stuff smells AMAZING and it has a built in moisturiser too so its super good for your skin. You don't get as foamy a lather with this as other gels, but it makes you feel really clean and soft after using it, and I haven't had breakouts or anything so I love it. I used it the other day when I ran out of shaving foam for my legs and it was perfect too, but just for the record, I think its better to stick to shaving foam! It's also a really big bottle so I think it should last a while.

The next little bottle of loveliness is Girligo Moisturising Mist. It's supposed to be used after a shower but I tend to use it every time I feel my skin's a bit dry. Again it smells lovely and its not greasy at all. I think I'd have preferred a bigger bottle personally cos I'm greedy ;) Although I dont use it straight after I shower, I keep it in my bag when I'm out and about and use it on my elbows and hands on the go.

Righteous Butter was my favefavefave in this little set! The cream is so thick and buttery its really good for deep moisturising. Some people don't like thick creams which I can understand, but I personally love it once a week as a deep moisturiser. It can leave a bit of a greasy feeling for a bit but it eventually soaks in and if you put it on your hands, pop some cotton gloves off and go to sleep, in the morning your hands are gorgeousssssss!

The last product is the Soaper Star Body Bar. At first for some reason I thought it was a bath bomb! So being a tube, I ran a bath, got all my candles out and a book, then opened it up and realised it was soap! Gutted! Hahaa! I personally haven't used it because my skin doesnt do well with soap, it dries my skin out...but my mum used it and said it left her feeling squeaky clean and didn't make her break out or anything.

On the whole I was really really pleased with this cute set and just deepened my love for Soap and Glory! Obviously these are my opinions and people may disagree and I'm totally open to that! Everyone's different and some things that are fine for some are a skin complaint waiting to happen for others ... so tell me your experience!

Apologies for the mega post ;)


Thursday, 7 January 2010

sorry guys!

Ugh! Sorry for the severe lack of posting haha. This is just a short little thing to say that I'm completely ill, in my bed and I'm sleeping constantly :( BUT as soon as I'm better I'm planning a few more reviews and some video thingys!

Hope everyone else is fine and its not like some nationwide bug! (my parents are ill too :( )

Peace out!


Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey guys! As the picture shows, I now have dark hair! haha AND I think it sums up the state of me on new year!

Anyhow I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to everyone "following" me so far, and say a very happy new year! I hope 2010 is fabulous for everyone!

I think to have resolutions is quite important and I did actually meet all last years resolutions bar one haha so here are mines:

1. Lose the weight I've put on since starting uni and get on a healthy eating plan. That also means less alcohol and chocolate, and more salads :( my exercise is pretty okay cos I'm a cheerleader but I'll maybe include a mid-week run :)

2. Go for 1st Place at the Scotcheer Nationals (we came 2nd at the last scotcheer!)

3. Try to be less self conscious and care less about what people think. I have a crippling fear of not being liked haha so I'm going to try and get over that.

4. Actually study more at uni and not go to as many parties!

5. Get over the things and people that have hurt me lots in 2009, which has been one of the hardest years of my life... and fully enjoy every minute of 2010!

what are your resolutions?