Wednesday, 13 January 2010

tiny little rave...

Ah... I always think of things AFTER I've finished posting haha!

A few weeks ago I bought The Body Shop's Neroli Jasmin eau de toilette for I think about £8 and I had a look online and I think you can get it for about $17 in the US? I got it after my friend sprayed it and I thought it smelled sooooo good! So I popped down to my local Body Shop and now I'm hooked. My favourite perfume is CK Euphoria which I wear all the time but seeing as I use it so much I fancied a change and this was it, AND its just so cheap!

I lovelovelove it! And because it's so small it can fit in your bag no bother.

For that price and lovely smell, I urge everyone to go get some! (:



  1. I love CK Euphoria so i'm going to have to try this as this would be such a cheap alternative!! I have fallen in love again with the body shop products lately as you can tell from the last post on my blog. cheack it out :)xXx

  2. @confessions hey! yeah it doesn't smell anything like Euphoria, but if you like those kind of sensual smells then this is FAB! xx