Friday, 15 January 2010

Revlon ColorStay - my view!

I know, I know...everyone's done their own litle review of this and its a bit "late" to be bringing it up seeing as everyone knows all about it haha but I personally, haven't bothered to try it until now. The reason for this is I couldn't believe there could be a foundation that could match MAC Studio Fix Fluid which is the foundation I'm loyal to lol. However, unfortunately my MAC SFF is running low - and instead of just buying it again, I decided to try out the Revlon one.

The first thing I noticed was it was almost an exact "dupe" haha as in even the bottle was similar to MAC's. On opening it up it didn't smell like paint which was a bonus, because that's the only thing I HATE about SFF. When I first put it on - I was very impressed. Unlike MAC it wasn't very thick, and gave good coverage but I still looked dewy which I liked. Straight away I was excited about this foundation.

Unfortunately when I tried it again the next day, I noticed it kind of "sat" on my skin, looked a bit greasy and a bit "cakey"... I was so disappointed. After 10 minutes it still felt wet and looked orange. I immediately put on my MAC Studio Fix Powder to kind of mattify it and it took away the orange tinge and shine.

I've used it for the past couple of days and I will say it DOES have staying power, and doesn't wear off quickly. I would love this foundation if it dried a bit more on the skin. Using a powder on top kind of sorts this so its not THAT big a deal, but definately something that I have no problem with when using MAC.

On the whole, I think its a very good dupe, and A+ for effort! I don't personally think it's as good as MAC, but for people who break out using MAC it's a good alternative. I'll use the Revlon one until it runs out, but I'll be replacing it with MAC, and to be honest - I feel a bit I cheated on MAC or something hahahaha.

God. You know you have MAC issues when using other brands makes you feel guilty!

Hopefully I'll recover!



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  1. I really wanted to try this foundation, so I went today to superdrug to purchase it, but when I was trying all the testers...I couldn't find the shade of my skin next time I will go straight to MAC! I'm sure I'll find it there!