Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Not really beauty related but still I thought I'd share... just LOOK at how deep the snow is in my garden! It covered my wellies! (they're leopard print and SO cute, like £10 from Primark - got them for T in the Park last year)

The roads are NOT going to be nice when I go into edinburgh for new year tomorrow :( but still, its plenty fun to jump about in! (:

Just a quick post...

I thought I'd do a mini post seeing as I'm terribly ill, and due to the fact I live in Livingston (central Scotland) and the snow is hammering down - I'm snowed in! :) So this post is basically to name the gurus I watch, and who motivated me to start my own blog! (Got this idea by reading Jessica_Gx 's blog, when she mentions who she watches on youtube)

Basically the first person I ever noticed on YouTube was Lauren Luke, aka panacea81. You probably know who she is and she's been on GMTV etc, and I think she's fab! Her tutorials are really good and she's even got her own make-up range thanks to YouTube! I even bought the brush set (from her) she often uses in the videos, because at one point she sold them haha. Anyway... so thats Lauren Luke aka Panacea81.

Next is lollipop26. Personally I find her videos some of the easiest to watch! Her voice is just lovely and soft and she gives an honest opinion of products and I've made quite a few purchases based on her reviews so yeah, she's fab! And very very pretty!

Although I watch tons of videos, I've picked my top sliding into third place is of course, SWalkerMakeup. This girl just seems such a lovely lass and her videos are really informative. Her passion for Hello Kitty is also very amusing and I bought a similar Hello Kitty necklace to hers after falling in love with it.

SO summing it all up :
1. Panacea81:

2. Lollipop26:

3. Swalkermakeup:

All fabulous people with amazing blogs/youtube channels and I'd recommend them to anyone who needs a good tutorial, or anything else that takes your fancy!


Product Rave - Barry M Lip Paints

Barry M... ooh possibly the love of my life! As I've previously stated, I can't live without Barry M Lip Paint in 62 "Vibrant Pink"... and even though its shockingly pink and loud, I wear it almost every day haha. I have lots of lip paints but recently I got no. 145 "Punky Pink" and no. 113 "Sheer Pink".

I LOVE 145, however, I'd say it was far more red than pink, and quite dark at that so it makes the perfect dramatic lipstick for an evening out. 113 is more of a frosted pink and looks really delicate. (my sister kindly *stole* my 113 for a party so I havent got a swatch for it!). This is 145.

The texture of these lipsticks is what is sometimes confusing... some shades (145) are creamy and go on really smoothly, whereas others, mainly 62 are quite thick and drier in texture. I think it has something to do with the more "matte" the colour, the drier it feels. When using 62 I always use Blistex relief cream on the top to give a bit more moisture, and it gives a bit of a sheen.
This is 62... my personal fave!

Regardless of the random textures, the COLOUR you get from these lipsticks - in my opinion - out does any other. I'd say they were more statement lipsticks, rather than everyday (unless you're me and love wearing bright shades during the day!) but there's definately a colour for everyone... and if you're brave you might even try the new green one!

If anyone does, let me know! haha

Happy New Year!


Saturday, 26 December 2009

Ask me anything if you wish!

Merry Christmas!

Wow...Christmas is officially over for this year and I must say I'm a bit sad :(
However I hope everyone had a good one!

SO happy with the presents Santa (and others) gave me. First favourite is my new camera which is the Samsung PL10 in silver (red would have been better but oh well lol). It's AMAZING. It has a "beauty shot" option which smooths your skintone which is brilliant.

In addition to that I got the usual, pyjammas, money, perfume (my favourite, CK Euphoria). My lovely boyfriend got me Cry Baby with Johnny Depp hahah one of my all time fave films, perfume, small bits and bobs and a big Soap And Glory giftbox which is SO cute and smells amazing! Always been a fan of S&G and the Righteous Butter is perfect for chapped skin in this deep freeze we're having!

thats my little update for today. As everyone's busy busy busy I may postpone the blogging shenanagins until after new year.

Happy Hogmanay for when it comes!


Monday, 21 December 2009

Top 5 products I couldn't live without ♥

1. MAC Studio Fix Fluid ♥ in NC15
2. Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner
3. L'Oréal Telescopic Mascara
4. Barry M Lip Paint in 62
5. Heated eyelash curler from Tesco!


St. Tropez and Fake Bake are sooooo over!

I'll be the first to admit, I've always been a bit of a "tan snob". I tried all the gradual tanners on the market, from £3 to about £15 and none of them I was never a fan of them. They were always too orange, streaky even when with gloves/mitt and the ones I did like (Piz Buin) were okay for a while until they became patchy.

SO. For the past two years I've been a Fake Bake addict and even though it was more pricey, it was a nice colour, foolproof to apply and made me a very happy, and tanned, lady. However, I got wind of this new "wonder tan" that was apparently almost the EXACT same product as St Tropez, but for £2.99, called St Moritz (some bottles are spelled St Moriz, weird company typo lol). At first I thought that it was ridiculous and wouldn't be any good, continuing my tan snobbery... but I thought to myself "if i try it out and its rubbish, im only losing £3 so what's there to lose?"

Well - i tried this tan 4 days ago and I have to say it was amazing! The mousse was light (although I was put off by the muddy green tinge it has!) and you can see where you're putting it. After waking up in the morning and washing off the guide I was left with a lovely natural tan colour! Seeing as im anaemic and terribly pale I put another few coats on, all streak free - and now I have the colour I want for a fraction of the cost.

I will say it is sometimes TOO quick drying, so you need to be quick applying it or you're left with dollops of colour, but other than that - flawless!

I am a complete convert and my new favourite tan is definately St Mori(t)z
I bought it for £2.99 at Semi Chem, but I've heard you can also get it at TJ Hughes and Home Bargains (I'm assuming it'll be any kind of discount store) but it's also available online, but for a slightly higher price because of packaging etc...
but I INSIST all St Tropez/Fake Bake addicts go out and at least try it for yourself. You'll be impressed!


First post...!

Well! Okay. I'm new to all of this "blogging" stuff so I'll try my best. I think this first post I'll do will just be an introduction to who I am and what this is (:

I'm Teresa and I'm 18 years old. I've always had an interest in fashion, make up, gossip... all the usuals that an 18 year old girl is interested in. I have a firm adoration for MAC cosmetics but also for "drugstore" products: cheap, cheerful and always available in a rush! ♥

I'm also very into hair and fashion so I'll be posting random tidbits of opinions and reviews etc etc along with gossip and general updates of my hectic life!

Sooooo! There goes the first post and bear with me until I get it up and running!