Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Just a quick post...

I thought I'd do a mini post seeing as I'm terribly ill, and due to the fact I live in Livingston (central Scotland) and the snow is hammering down - I'm snowed in! :) So this post is basically to name the gurus I watch, and who motivated me to start my own blog! (Got this idea by reading Jessica_Gx 's blog, when she mentions who she watches on youtube)

Basically the first person I ever noticed on YouTube was Lauren Luke, aka panacea81. You probably know who she is and she's been on GMTV etc, and I think she's fab! Her tutorials are really good and she's even got her own make-up range thanks to YouTube! I even bought the brush set (from her) she often uses in the videos, because at one point she sold them haha. Anyway... so thats Lauren Luke aka Panacea81.

Next is lollipop26. Personally I find her videos some of the easiest to watch! Her voice is just lovely and soft and she gives an honest opinion of products and I've made quite a few purchases based on her reviews so yeah, she's fab! And very very pretty!

Although I watch tons of videos, I've picked my top sliding into third place is of course, SWalkerMakeup. This girl just seems such a lovely lass and her videos are really informative. Her passion for Hello Kitty is also very amusing and I bought a similar Hello Kitty necklace to hers after falling in love with it.

SO summing it all up :
1. Panacea81:

2. Lollipop26:

3. Swalkermakeup:

All fabulous people with amazing blogs/youtube channels and I'd recommend them to anyone who needs a good tutorial, or anything else that takes your fancy!


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