Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wow...Christmas is officially over for this year and I must say I'm a bit sad :(
However I hope everyone had a good one!

SO happy with the presents Santa (and others) gave me. First favourite is my new camera which is the Samsung PL10 in silver (red would have been better but oh well lol). It's AMAZING. It has a "beauty shot" option which smooths your skintone which is brilliant.

In addition to that I got the usual, pyjammas, money, perfume (my favourite, CK Euphoria). My lovely boyfriend got me Cry Baby with Johnny Depp hahah one of my all time fave films, perfume, small bits and bobs and a big Soap And Glory giftbox which is SO cute and smells amazing! Always been a fan of S&G and the Righteous Butter is perfect for chapped skin in this deep freeze we're having!

thats my little update for today. As everyone's busy busy busy I may postpone the blogging shenanagins until after new year.

Happy Hogmanay for when it comes!


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