Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Product Rave - Barry M Lip Paints

Barry M... ooh possibly the love of my life! As I've previously stated, I can't live without Barry M Lip Paint in 62 "Vibrant Pink"... and even though its shockingly pink and loud, I wear it almost every day haha. I have lots of lip paints but recently I got no. 145 "Punky Pink" and no. 113 "Sheer Pink".

I LOVE 145, however, I'd say it was far more red than pink, and quite dark at that so it makes the perfect dramatic lipstick for an evening out. 113 is more of a frosted pink and looks really delicate. (my sister kindly *stole* my 113 for a party so I havent got a swatch for it!). This is 145.

The texture of these lipsticks is what is sometimes confusing... some shades (145) are creamy and go on really smoothly, whereas others, mainly 62 are quite thick and drier in texture. I think it has something to do with the more "matte" the colour, the drier it feels. When using 62 I always use Blistex relief cream on the top to give a bit more moisture, and it gives a bit of a sheen.
This is 62... my personal fave!

Regardless of the random textures, the COLOUR you get from these lipsticks - in my opinion - out does any other. I'd say they were more statement lipsticks, rather than everyday (unless you're me and love wearing bright shades during the day!) but there's definately a colour for everyone... and if you're brave you might even try the new green one!

If anyone does, let me know! haha

Happy New Year!



  1. hi gorgeouss!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway=)
    you have a cute blog here I cant wait to read more of ur posts!!


  2. I wish they sold Barry M products here in Canada! I've been wanting to try their lipsticks for THE longest time. They look lovely :) xx

  3. @Anita hey doll! yeah Barry M online now ships to US and Canada as far as I know, and its like £8 for international shipping, but I dont know how much in canadian dollars that is haha (: anyhow, good luck on your Barry M search! xx