Wednesday, 27 January 2010

hmm change of opinion?...

Hey dolls!

I'm starting to recover now -I'm absolutely convinced I had swine flu LOL. My doctor says different but what do they know eh ;)

ANYHOO when I first saw adverts in July '09 I think it was, for L'oreal True Match Roll On foundation I was totally intrigued! It looked so weird! SO on my lunch break I practically ran to Boots to get it. When I got there I was disappointed to only see like 4 shades? :( I'm terribly pale and all the shades seemed dark so I chose the closest match - Rose Vanilla.

I was so excited about it but when I tried it, it was a horrible orange cakey mess! So it got demoted to the back of my giant make up drawer lol.

However, recently I've been trying to wean myself off MAC Studio Fix Fluid (see review of Revlon ColorStay below) so I randomly decided to give it another go. This time I sort of applied more pressure to the roller and I was really surprised. Although it has a bit of "cakiness" and I wouldnt say it was a "day time" foundation, I was really glad I re-tried it. I wore it on a night out and it lasted the whole night without budging and the colour, when I had some light fake tan on was a near enough exact match!

SO guys, tell me what you think? Did you ever try something cos it looked weird and interesting, or changed your opinion of a product? LET ME KNOW! When i'm recovering I like reading other peoples' stories... it feeds my nosiness :D



  1. i had a shot of yours in uni once and i didnt like it :( not a fan my man x

  2. Hey dollface I've tagged you!!