Sunday, 14 February 2010

AMAZING facepainter woman! LOL

Hey dolls!

Ahhh - on Thursday night, me, Lisa and Robyn decided to hit Octopussy @ The Picture House (in edinburgh of course!) and it was super brill! Bouncy castles, and even a hot tub! BUT while we were dancing we noticed this woman doing facepainting so we got in line.

TBH when I saw the woman I wasn't so sure haha! She didn't look as if she was into that sort of thing- sort of scruffy - but anyway! I sat in the chair and I said "just give me anything with love hearts please" and she started tapping away on my face. It totally felt like she wasn't even doing anything but the design was just SO pretty I had to share it with you guys, and to top it off, only cost me £2!

Me posing a bit drunk ^^ sick picture but look at the design!

Lisa got a butterfly which was also pretty sweet ! (: robyn was such a looooser she didnt get one :( but honestly. If you ever find yourself in edinburgh, find this woman!



  1. Your a beaut :) that pattern looks so pretty x

  2. @Pretty - thank you! aww she did an amazing job :D xx