Wednesday, 10 February 2010

another new love!

Hey again... I'm on a roll today ;)

OKAY so I heard some hype around Barry M lately and if you read my posts you know my obsession with the lip paints! So when I heard about blusher I got excited. When in town with my friend Lisa (La Bonne Vie) we noticed them and went CRAZY!

The shades are VERY bright but I love that! Because of my pale skin, I chose the lightest - Pink Orchid...bearing in mind its still extremely bright! Lisa chose the next shade up.

We tested them on a night out and my oh my! Beaaaaaaautiful colours! They go on nice and smooth but it comes with a little brush...DONT use it. Please! Its a cheap and wiry brush that will give you nothing but trouble so do yourself a favour and use a soft, full blusher brush.

A few shades were running out so I think there's quite a following so if you fancy trying it, I suggest you move quickly before they're all gone ! (:

below is a picture of that night we tested the blusher (: ignore the extreme tan! haha i used the wrong shade ;)

Let me know your opinion (:



  1. Looks gorgeous on you! And your tan looks great too, not extreme at all!!

  2. @obsessed thank you! I think it's because i'm not used to being that dark! haha! xxx

  3. that colour is very pretty! u look cute!
    I think I have to try barry M blushes...!