Friday, 16 April 2010

perfumes and men!

Hey lovlies!

Okay, recently I've been having a spot of bother! The guy I've been seeing lately seems to be pretty peachy: he's hot, irish, extremely well dressed and groomed and always smells AMAZING!

To further the peachy keen-ness, he thinks I'm "beautiful" (: unfortunately he has a very sensitive sense of smell! While swapping stories, he told me his favourite perfume on a girl is Stella and that it instantly makes him interested if he smells it on someone pretty. Well. I don't want to say I dislike it, because I actually quite like it. However, am I wrong in saying it smells a lot like turkish delight? To me it smells like so many other perfumes and actually has hints of Kate Moss lol. So I wouldn't spend that kind of money to smell like a rose flavoured jelly.

Anyway! He also said he gets put off by perfume he doesn't like. Snag. I discovered EVERY perfume I own, he has problems with! :( INCLUDING my all time favourite, Calvin Klein Euphoria. He says it actually makes him feel a bit sick.

So far he hates: Euphoria, Armani Code, Armani Diamonds, Benefit Laugh With Me Lee Lee and Couture Couture by Juicy Couture!

SO the point of this little post is to ask...what does your man love?! please give me some help as to what will make him NOT think I stink haha!

As always,



  1. haha, that´s quite a problem, hmm, my man loves Dior: Forever and Ever and Miss Dior Cherie, but he also loves my Stella perfume, must be something in that perfume that attracts men :)

  2. My boyfriend always says I smell nice when I wear daisy. Have you tried going to a shop and asking the ladies behind the perfume counter what is similar to stella that you like too?

    Or you could just wear what you like and he should like you anyway! (although he sounds hot, so I can understand why you'd rather keep him keen!)


  3. @Ulrika - Oooh I've been dying to try Miss Dior Cherie for a while so maybe this weekend I'll pop into town for it and give it a go! (:

    @Lauren - Hahaha! You can read my mind! I actually said to him "you don't like anything so bugger it! i smellllll!" haha! Yeah my mummy dearest has Daisy so I'll maybe swipe some of hers and see if it goes down well ;)

    I'll keep you both informed! haha