Wednesday, 14 April 2010

my youtube debut!

Hello lovelies!

I finally found the time to get my ass onto youtube! Basically I did this amazing, detailed and funny video then unfortunately - I couldn't upload it cos no-one told me about the 10 minute rule :(

SO I made another one but I'm clearly fed up by then haha! My hair went flat because I went and did my dance workout after take one, then when I realised it didn't upload I did it again so excuse my appearance.

So the things I left out will be in another video I'm hoping to crack on with later this week in between studying for exams!

I hope you enjoy it...PLEASE leave me feedback as to what you want to see, what I'm doing right or wrong and then we'll all be hunky dory!

So click HERE to watch my video on my new channel!

Hope you're all enjoying the glorious weather!



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