Tuesday, 6 April 2010

i'm a liar...

*THIS* is the last post of the night ;)

okay - some things that I shall be doing in the next few days:

- review of my brand spanking new HeadKandy extensions
- Eyeko mascara + lipgloss review
- a few recent product raves
- things I regret buying and will not re-purchase

AND someone suggested to me that I should get into the big bad world of youtube... so I'm thinking sometime this week, maybe a little starter vid - see how it goes? My friend reeeeeally wants me to do a tutorial on a smokey eye look I did on her for a night out so she can do it herself next time - so tell me guys - is that something you think I should do next...?

of course i'll still post on here. it's becoming my latest addiction! :P

okay. now im really off to beddykins... so tell me what you think guys!


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