Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Plus White Sensitive Gel - Week One!

Hello loves!

Okay, I've always had generally good teeth, and they're pretty white. I always get compliments about them being straight and pearly white (thanks to Mr Nelson slapping braces on me from the ages of 9-17!!) BUT lately I've been drinking a lot of coffee, and red wine - which we all know stains nice teeth :(

So after watching a few videos on youtube, one of which Mel from Makeup by Mel I found that the latest thing these days is Plus White whitening gel. Because I have sensitive teeth, I ordered the sensitive gel. It seems to work amazingly so I ordered mines from, because I'm from the UK and it's not sold over here, and including shipping came to around £12 which in my opinion is reasonable!

The instructions say to use twice a day which I've been doing for the past two days, so I shall update after about 2 weeks to let you know of the results!

Have any of you tried Plus White? Did you like the results? Let me know!


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